आदिवासी संकृती

          The marathi term Aadivasi is derived from the English word "Abrijiniz" .

          We also come to know about these Adivasi Tribes through our Indian holy memorable books as the Ramayana and the Mahabharat.

           It is said that various Adivasi Tribes used to reside in India before the arrival of 'Aaryans' and even today a number of tribes are residing through the forests and the hilly regions and they are the 'original-residents' of this country.

           The Aadivasis possess their own history as well as culture.

           'Akkalkowa', 'Akrani', 'Navapur', Talukas in 'Nandurbar District' are well known hilly habitats of scheduled tribes and hence this district is known as Aadivasi-district.