राष्टीय सूचना व विज्ञान केंद्र (NIC)

    An all India organization Infrastructure with more than 5,000 personnel and a computer center in every district of the country. The organizational set-up of NIC is:   Headquarters - New Delhi

State Centres:

    State Informatics Officer is a Incharge of all Activities in a State. He is Co-ordinating for Developmental & Implementational activity for various software packages in a state with respective government departments and NIC district Centers. State centers are located in each state capital/Union territory

    Mr. Moiz Hussain Ali is the State Informatics Officer for Maharashtra State. Under his guidance all the District level implementation co-ordinated with District Informatics Officers.

District Centers:

    One district unit in every district of the country.

    Adequate computing resources to cater to the need of the Government departments at all levels of administration-central, state and district. This includes computer services to almost central Government ministries in New Delhi, State Government department,organizations.

    National Informatics Center (NIC), constituted by the Government at all levels of its hierarchy such as the Central Government, State Government and District Administrations, has set up a nationwide satellite based computer communication network called "NICNET". NICNET in its present configuration connects all Central Government Departments/State Government Secretariats, District Administration Headquarters and some public sector organizations in a single integrated network. In parallel with setting up infrastructure, NIC has developed a large number of informatics services for almost all sectors of the Government such as economy, industry, etc. Many of this service make extensive use of NICNET resulting in timely, efficient and reliable flow of information at different levels in the Government hierarchy.

क्रमांक पदाचे नाव अधिकारी/कर्मचारी नाव ई-मेल
1 District Informatics Officer Dharmendra R. Jain mahnad@nic.in
2 Engineer Sumit R. Bhavsar nicfmsnandurbar@gmail.com
3 Engineer Dipak V. Pawar nicfmsnandurbar@gmail.com
4 Engineer Pankaj D.Sonar nicfmsnandurbar@gmail.com

Technical Consultancy:

    The technical support and consultancy is extended by NIC Nandurbar to many State government offices to tackle their IT needs and problems. This includes giving the right configuration of different hardwares, procurement of hardware , inspection and certification and in AMC contracts too.

Web Site Development:

    NIC Nandurbar has developed the official web site for the district administration and keeps it up to date periodically.


    NIC Nandurbar involved in the General Election 2014 (Parliamentary election) and State Election 2014 (Assembly Elections). The work of allotment of polling staff, their randomization, forming polling parties, random allocation of polling booths to polling parties, raising the system and hardware for counting process, giving daily online information related to election and constituencies to Election Commission of India and NIC Delhi which has collaboration with Doordarshan for result data telecast.

Freedom Fighter:

    The data entry of all the freedom fighter who are getting the financial aid from State and Central Government is over. This data and related reports are available on SIMNIC.

क्रमांक कार्यालयाचे नाव दूरध्वनी क्रमांक ई-मेल पत्ता
1 National Informatics Centre ०२५६४-२२१००१२ mahnad@nic.in मध्यवर्ती प्रशासकीय इमारत,टोकरतलाव रोड,नंदुरबार